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Seneca Lake Bed and Breakfasts

Seneca Lake is the widest and deepest of the Finger Lakes and as such provides many wonderful towns, both large and small, that offer wonderful Bed and Breakfast accommodations. Use the map, or the list of towns to find a B&B in that area.

There are 26 B&B's associated with Seneca Lake.

Seneca Lake's sloping hill sides and extremely large quantity of water create a microclimate that is perfect for producing fantastic wine. The Seneca Lake wineries provide a wonderful attraction. With over 45 wineries around the lake, a true wine vacation should take a few days. We recommend you stay in a relaxing B&B when visiting this Finger Lake.

Seneca Lake is 38 miles long and spans four counties in New York. Yates County to the West, Ontario County to the Northwest, Seneca County to the Northeast, and Schuyler County to the South. Be sure to find and enjoy the many waterfalls and NY State Parks in the area.

Seneca Lake Data

meaning: stoney place
length: 38 miles     width: 3 miles     maximum depth: 630 ft
volume of water: 4.2 trillion gallons
primary features: Second deepest lake in the country (by depth below sea level). Deepest of the Finger Lakes. Freezes once a century on average. More wineries than any other Finger Lake. Of all the water in all the Finger Lakes, 50% is in Seneca Lake.
counties: Yates (West), Ontario (Northwest), Seneca (Northeast), Schuyler (South)

Seneca Lake's massive amount of water has a temperature moderating effect that combined with the well drained hillsides make it an ideal place to grow wine grapes. As a result it has far more wineries than any of the other Finger Lakes (in fact, more than any of the others put together). The geography has also made it famous for its rock formations and waterfalls. Watkins Glen State Park should not be missed. Watkins Glen is also famous for its race track.

Because of Seneca Lake's size, the Navy used it during World War II to train sailors at the Sampson Naval Training Station (what is now Sampson State Park). As a result of Seneca's depth and stability in the Winter, the Navy also constructed a permanent sonar research platform near Dresden.

Useful Seneca Lake Information:

Public Access Points

  • Seneca Lake State Park - Located on Route 5 & 20 and 96A at the City of Geneva. Hard surface ramps; pumpout; parking for 30 cars with trailers.
  • Geneva Chamber of Commerce - Located in Geneva on Route 5 & 20. Free launch ramps and temporary dockage.
  • Sampson State Park - Located on Route 96A, 12 miles south of the City of Geneva. Concrete ramps; pumpout; parking for 64 cars and trailers. State park entrance fee.
  • Lodi Point State Marine Park - Located off County Road 136, 3 miles west of the Village of Lodi. Hard surface ramp; parking for 68 cars and trailers.
  • Severne Point - Located on Severne Point Road, off Route 14, 8 miles south of Dresden. Hard surface ramp; parking for 12 cars and trailers. Good winter launch site.
  • Watkins Glen - Located off Route 414 on the canal portion of Catherine Creek. Hard surface ramps; parking for approximately 60 cars with trailers; fee.


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