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Keuka Lake Bed and Breakfasts

Keuka Lake is the most distinctive Finger Lake with its Y-shape. It is host to many quant towns that offer peaceful Bed and Breakfast accommodations. Use the map, or the list of towns to find a B&B in that area.

There are 16 B&B's associated with Keuka Lake.

Keuka Lake's steep hills create a setting that is well suited to producing great wine. The Keuka Lake wineries provide a wonderful attraction. With 13 wineries around the lake, a true wine vacation could take a few days. A stay in a nice relaxing B&B is highly recommended when visiting this charming Finger Lake.

Keuka Lake is 20 miles long and covers three counties in New York. Yates County to the North, Steuben County to the South, and Schuyler County to the East. Be sure to find and enjoy the many waterfalls and NY State Parks in the area too.

Keuka Lake Details

meaning: canoe landing
length: 19.6 miles     width: 1.9 miles     maximum depth: 187 ft
volume of water: 390 billion gallons
primary features: Y-shaped. Third largest Finger Lake (by length, 4th by volume).
counties: Yates (North) and Steuben (South) and a little bit of Schuyler (East)

Keuka Lake, also known as the crooked lake because of its shape is unique among the Finger Lakes. Not only is it the only Y-shaped Finger Lake, it is also one of only two Finger Lakes that drains into another Finger Lake. Keuka Lake was the last Finger Lake to be discovered by early settlers because it existed in the shadow of Seneca Lake. Early travellers would have to go around Seneca Lake to head West, and as a result never saw Keuka Lake as they continued on their journey. Keuka Lake has the longest history of wine making and is also considered a cradle of aviation. Another name, "The Lady of the Lakes" only hints at its unquestioned beauty.

Hammondsport on the South end of the lake, was the home of Glenn Curtiss. Curtiss was a true pioneer in the field of aviation. He invented the first flying boat (seaplane) on Keuka Lake. The first bombs ever dropped from an airplane were dropped (by Curtiss) onto a raft on Keuka's waters. This was done to prove a concept that planes could be used for offensive manuvers in war time. A stop in to the Glenn Curtiss Museum is a must see.

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