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Most interesting museum to visit in the Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes has a rich cultural and scientific history that is detailed in several museums in the area. With the Finger Lakes covering such a large geographical area it is hard to see everything, so here are some suggestions from the area's top innkeepers.


The Glenn Curtiss Museum

Most people don't know that Hammondsport is called "The Cradle of Aviation" because of Glenn Curtiss, early planes and early flights.  In addition to a nice historic display of the early aircraft and chronological growth of that industry, the museum also features other unique topics such as motorcycles, dolls, miniatures, and hugely important to this area, the history of winemaking.  There is a replica Stonehedge type edifice inside the museum, which is divided into quarters.  Each quarter depicts a segment of the growth of the wine industry all the way from the first bonded wineries, through prohibition, and even includes all the currently-in-business wineries of Keuka Lake. Located on State Rt. 54 between Bath and Hammondsport. ~ Bob and Terry Keuka Overlook Bed and Breakfast

The museum shares the genius of Glenn Curtiss who first turned bicycles into record holding motorcycles like his feat of over 136 mph in 1907 giving him the title of the "Fastest Man on Earth" until the 1930's.  Or his genius in development of flying machines like his famed "June Bug", his Curtiss Flying Boat and his "Jenny" the WWI trainer and air-mail plane.  The museum shares his many firsts. ~ Nancy & Al - Gorham House B&B

Rockwell Museum of Western Art - While in Corning visiting the Corning Glass Museum we both enjoy a visit to the Rockwell Museum with all the Frederic Remington bronzes and the amazing western art it makes it hard to remember you are in the East. ~ Glenda Nash - Gentle Giants Bed and Breakfast

The Museum of the Earth - The physical history of the Finger Lakes origins comes dramatically to life in this museum. It contains many specimens from the Paleontological Research Institution vast collection. Interesting and quite unique. Located South of Trumansburg on Rt 96. ~ Steve & Kathy Wirt - Wine Country Cabins B&B

Women's Rights National Historical Park - This is the birthplace of women's rights where the first convention was held in 1848 calling for immediate access to the same rights and privileges granted to other U.S. citizens. What is most fascinating is that this convention took place in Seneca Falls--not Boston or New York City or Philadelphia where you would expect such progressive thinking. Located in Seneca Falls. ~ Donna Cunningham - Yale Manor Bed and Breakfast

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