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The Best Finger Lakes Artist

The beauty of the Finger Lakes has been the muse of many artists over the years. You can't be surrounded by this much nature and not have it inspire a few artists. The Finger Lakes innkeepers may not really be able to recommend the "best" because art is so subjective, but can recommend artists to look for. However, we'll call them the "best" for the sake of staying on theme.


Wizard of Clay

As for artists, the best I have found so far is the Wizard of Clay, located at 7851 Rt 20A in Bloomfield. Jim Kozlowski and his son Jamie are the artists and their work is fabulous. Several guests have gone home with "just a few pieces" of their craftsmanship. ~ Robin & Michael Grentus - A Wolfpack Bed 'n Breakfast

Jim Kozlowski has been doing his  magic for over 25 years throwing each piece of pottery by hand and making each piece unique.  You won't find any two pieces alike, much like any two locations throughout the Finger Lakes Region.   Although closed major holidays the Wizard of Clay is open year round, 7 days a week ~ Nancy & Al - Gorham House B&B

Finger Lakes PhotographyNigel Kent; photography - He does an amazing job of capturing the beauty of the Finger Lakes in all seasons, and in all locations. If you love the Finger Lakes region, his photos will just make you smile. ~Steve and Kathy Wirt - Wine Country Cabins Bed and Breakfast

Stacey McGregor; mixed media - .  Stacey, from McGregor Vineyard Winery, is a self taught artist, working in almost every medium.  She does watercolor, chalk, pen & ink, etc.  There are some terrific examples of her work hanging on the walls at the winery.  ~Terry - Keuka Overlook B&B

Linda McIntyre; watercolor - The beautiful Finger Lakes area is clearly an inspiration to so many wonderful and varied artists. I would like to mention Linda McIntyre,   in particular,  because as a native of the area, she has done such a wonderful job with local scenery, buildings, the Seneca Lakefront and Pier, as well as of the historic Watkins International Races. She works in Pen and Ink and watercolor, and her work can be viewed (and purchased) at her Studio/Gallery at 404 Porter Street in Watkins Glen, right across from the Park. ~ Barbara - Sunrise Landing Bed and Breakfast

Yolanda Fiorentino Schofield; pen and ink - She's my very favorite local artist. The large piece that I have has some water colors. I own a view of the willows along the Seneca Lake Park road that brings back fond memories of my childhood and also a collage of some of the historic buildings in Geneva. Her renditions of local landmarks are accurate and beautiful, a permanent record of our wonderful Finger Lakes area. ~ Glenda Nash - Gentle Giants Bed and Breakfast

Linda Dowd; pen & ink - We commissioned her to do a pen and ink of our house that we were pleased with. Shirley Lafayette Bed and Breakfast

Dan Motill; paint - His paintings reflect the American Primitive style, and he uses villages and buildings from the area as his inspiration. In addition to his original paintings, he offers very affordable reproductions. His work can be seen at his home studio by appointment in Ovid. ~ Donna - Yale Manor Bed and Breakfast

Here is a another helpful resource for finding more fantastic Finger Lakes artists.

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